Company Overview

Company Name Bushiroad Inc.
Location Sumitomo Nakanosakaue Building, 1-38-1, Chuo, Nakano - ku, Tokyo
Established May 18th, 2007
Capital 5,760 million JPY(June 2023)
Amount of sales 48,799 million JPY(June 2023 results)
Number of employees 590(June 2023 / Consolidated)
Rep. Director President and CEO Takaaki Kidani
Core Business Activities(Consolidated) Planning, developing, and selling of Trading Card Games, Digital Game, and Marchandising Department
Planning, creating, and producing of comics and anime programs
Advertising agency business and operation of voice actor office
Planning and producing music contents and Pro-Wrestling events

Executive Officers

President and CEO Takaaki Kidani
Director Toshiyuki Muraoka
Director Yuki Nemoto
Outside Director Daisuke Okeda
Outside Director Yoichi Inada
Outside Director Michinori Mizuno
Outside Director Kazuhiko Torishima
Auditor Norifumi Morise
Outside Auditor Shinya Yamada
Outside Auditor Ryo Mizuno
Operations Officer Katsuya Nagahata
Operations Officer Koyu Narita
Operations Officer Makoto Arimoto
Operations Officer Narumi Asakura
Operations Officer Shunichi Taira
Operations Officer Yuko Nakao
Operations Officer Tomoyasu Miyazaki
Operations Officer Kyohei Shimpuku
Operations Officer   Tomura Shohei

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