The Strategy & Business Philosophy

The Strategy & Business Philosophy of Bushiroad Group

The Strategy & Business Philosophy of Bushiroad Group

Digital IP Segment

  • Bushiroad
    Trading Card Game (TCG) Department
    Mobile Online Game (MOG) Department
    IP Planning/Development/Production

  • Bushiroad Creative
    Merchandising Department
    (Planning, development, and sales of merchandise)
    (Planning and operation of merchandise sales events)

  • Bushiroad Media
    Media Department
    (Magazine/Book Editional)

  • Bushiroad Move

    Media Department
    (Advertisement Agency) 
    (Event Production)
    (Audio & Television Production)
    (Voice Actor Agency “HiBiKi”)

Live IP Segment

  • Bushiroad Music
    Music Department
    (Planning, production, and management of music content)
    (Production and operation of live shows and events)

  • Bushiroad Music Publishing
    Music Department
    (Copiright management of music works)
    (Development of the use of music works)
    (Publishing musical score)

  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., LTD
    Sports Department
    (Pro-Wrestling entertainment)
    (Planning and sales of merchandise)
    (Production and Distribution of video contents)
    (Management of fan club)

  • Bushiroad Fight
    Sports Department
    (“KNOCK OUT”Management)

  • Theater company HIKOSEN
    Music Department
    (Planning,production,and management of mask play musical)

  • Sopratico
    Sports Department
    (Fitness club business)