Bushiroad Creative

  • Bushiroad Creative

    Operates the merchandising business which includes character goods, capsule toys, prizes, and promotional events
    for Bushiroad IPs and other popular animes, games, and celebrities.

Official site

Bushiroad Global Online Store

  • Bushiroad Global Online Store

    In addition to selling goods launched from the Bushiroad Group,
    the Bushiroad Global Online Store carries out e-commerce for items
    related to the Bushiroad Group’s sponsored events as well as EC SHOP limited products.

Bushiroad Global Online Store

Character Goods

  • Character Goods

    Creates and distributes character goods to toy stores, general retailers, and hobby shops across Japan.

Concerts goods

  • Concerts goods

    Develops and releases merchandise for concerts such as light sticks, t-shirts, and towels.

Voice Actor Goods

  • Product Planning

    Planning and producing "Voice Actor Card Collection" and other trading cards for voice actors.

Promotional Events

  • Promotional Events

    Creates and sells goods at events dedicated to Bushiroad IPs, and runs special temporary stores for Bushiroad or other IPs at commercial centers.

Capsule Toys

  • Capsule Toys

    Manufactures and sells items for capsule toy vending machines.


  • Prizes

    Produces arcade prizes.