Focusing on trading card games, digital games, and the New Japan Pro-Wrestling entertainment industry, the Bushiroad Group is advancing its development in the global market.

Trading Card Game

  • Cardfight! Vanguard is available in 7 languages (Japanese/English/Chinese (Simplified)/Italian/Korean/Thai/Bahasa),
    Weiss Schwarz and Shadowverse: Evolve are available in two languages (Japanese and English).

New Japan Pro-Wrestling

  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling

    We are moving forward with our overseas expansion in earnest, setting up a training hall in Los Angeles in 2018 and establishing a US corporation the following year.
    We are also focusing on video streaming overseas.



    The international exhibition "2023 BUSHIROAD EXPO ASIA" is now being held as an opportunity for everyone around the world to experience Bushiroad's entertainment lineup in person.
    The exhibition is being held consecutively in six Asian cities (Hong Kong, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, and Seoul) starting in March 2023.

CharaExpo (2015~2019)

  • CharaExpo

    Starting from 2015 in Singapore and 2017 in USA, Bushiroad has been hosting large-scale events called "CharaExpo" to expand Japanese entertainment contents, including its own IPs, to overseas.

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