Live Entertainment(Music)

Bushiroad Music

  • Bushiroad Music

    Bushiroad Music deals in music CDs and Blu-rays, music rights management, event and concert operations,
    and all other music related fields to compliment Bushiroad’s IPs.

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Music/Video Software

  • Music/Video Software

    We release music software such as music CDs, live and stage videos and Blu-ray theatrical versions.
    In addition to our own IPs, we also release music software of popular IPs of other companies.As of January 2022,
    we have shipped a total of over 2.8 million units of CDs and Blu-rays related to “BanG Dream!”.


  • Concerts

    We are actively engaged in the management of live music and music-related events, as well as live viewing and online streaming, mainly for our own IPs.

Bushiroad Music Publishing

  • Bushiroad Music Publishing

    Bushiroad music publishing is a music publisher in Japan and one of the group companies of Bushiroad, that is a future-oriented entertainment company developing card games, promotional items, and smartphone applications worldwide.
    Consultation on matters about music rights business in Japan for both copyright holders and users are handled here.

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Theater company HIKOSEN

  • Theater company HIKOSEN

    Theater Company HIKOSEN has been involved in stage productions for over 50 years and the performance technology in its mask-play musicals are highly acclaimed both inside and outside of Japan. The company also emphasizes 2.5 dimensional musicals.
    The company concluded capital and business partnership in September 2019 and became a subsidiary company of Bushiroad in January 2020, as this would contribute greatly to the growth of stage play production aspect in our IP promotion.

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