New Japan Pro-Wrestling

  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling

    A well-established pro-wrestling organization founded in 1972. As a member of the Bushiroad Group since 2012, it has grown steadily thanks to the IP strength of the “New Japan Pro-Wrestling” brand and the appeal of its shows and wrestlers, and in 2022, the company will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding, and will continue to make things even more exciting.

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Wrestling events

  • Madison Square Garden in New York

    About 160 events held annually,and attendance totaled close to 400,000 in 2018.The number of female fans known as pro-wrestling girls and family fans have also rapidly in recent years.The company is also carrying out overseas events mainly in North America, and the G1 Supercard, a joint event with the American pro-wrestling company ROH, was held in front of a sold out crowd of 16,534 at Madison Square Garden in New York on April 2019, and concluded with great success.


  • NJPW World

    Key events as wel as famous historical matches, wrestling documentaries, and visual medeia are streamed through the unlimited video streaming service,"NJPW World".
    The service currently boasts over 100,000 subscribers and continues to grow.


  • NJPW Merchandise

    A variety of merchandise featuring individual wrestlers, wrestling units, and the Lion Mark are developed and sold.
    Merchandise are available both at events and through the online store,"Tokon(Fighting Spirit)Shop".


  • NJPW Wrestlers

    NJPW has many great wrestlers who have unique talents and they actively participate in self-promotion through social media platforms like Twitter.
    A business partnership was formed with the entertainment production company Amuse to appeal to pro-wrestling fans through a variety of platforms and media outside of the ring.



    A professional wrestling organization established in 2011 as a shining female professional wrestling organization. I joined Bushiroad Group in 2019.

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Bushiroad Well-be

  • Bushiroad Well-be

    We will develop a health food business that appeals to a wide range of consumers by utilizing our group's businesses in animation, music, and professional wrestling.

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