Bushiroad Main IP and TCG

CardFight!! Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard is a key Bushiroad IP launched in 2011.
It was developed with a wide range of media mixes in mind with TCG as the main concept, along with anime, manga, games, and many others.

The TCG is available in 7 languages, and is currently sold in over 40 countries and regions.
Large-scale official tournaments are held all over the world annually.


Weiß Schwarz

Weiß Schwarz is celebrating its 15th anniversary since its launch in 2007, and with the global rise of Japanese anime culture influence,
the English edition market has also grown significantly.


BanG Dream!

BanG Dream! is a new generation girls band project, bringing together animated characters and real concerts.

The voice actresses behind the characters actually perform live with their instruments, making the project a pioneer in its field since its inception in 2015.


D4DJ(Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ)

A media-mix project centered on DJs.

Started in 2019, the project with “Connecting” as its theme revolves around both original songs and remixes of famous songs, presented in formats such as anime, game, and live concerts performed by the voice actresses.



Established in 1972, this world-class historical pro-wrestling promotion became part of the Bushiroad Group in 2012.

The fusion of the athletes’ charms and the group’s promotion capabilities has led to explosive growth of the IP, attracting attention both domestically and internationally.



Established in 2011, Japan’s largest women’s pro-wrestling promotion became part of the Bushiroad Group in 2019.

Bright, intense, new and beautiful! We are promoting dazzling women’s pro-wrestling both domestically and internationally.


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