Message from the CEO

Currently, in the world of “Digital”, “Online” and “Global”, Bushiroad operates with card game as its core business, while exploring opportunities for character contents in the field of “Digital & Online” and “Live Entertainment”, 2 fields that have very distinct different.

Even in the era where contents and media are digitalized and made available online, the value and charm of physical human interaction and passion will not cease to exist.
Although card games can be made available digitally, the emotions and excitement experience through actual human interaction is irreplaceable, regardless of age.
Instead of choosing either digital or analog, we should be make the most out of both of them. 

As for the essence of Live Entertainment.
Only human can impress human.
Our mission is to bring experience to people, through our contents and merchandises.

Being the No.1 Trading Card Game company in the world is Bushiroad’s objective when we were founded.
We still hold to this objective tightly in our journey to globalization. 

Bushiroad is still a small company right now, but we will keep on challenging ourselves.