Message from the CEO

Hi-speed dissemination, the power of realization, not to mention vast amounts of information.
Various contents have since been digitized, and is now considered main stream in this day and age.

However, as the world is immersed in all the digital contents available, there are those out there who will start to miss the analog contents.

The excitement and emotions which one can only experience at a specified time and place.
Sharing the passion with others in real time.
Only analog contents such as live performances and events can achieve that.

“Digital × Analog” is a form of entertainment for the coming era, with the strengths of both mixed together.
Starting with card games, followed by music, games, manga, goods, and so on.
All these genres can be produced within the group, and we take pride in being able to accomplish it.

Furthermore, manpower is absolutely necessary for any content to shine.
I believe that it is my mission to create a “system” to draw out young potential and talent, who can create something out of nothing.

“Digital × Analog” × Everyone
Bushiroad has always been, and will continue to face new challenges head on, just to hear the satisfied voices from our customers.

Bushiroad Inc.
C.E.O Yoshitaka Hashimoto