Voice actor


  • Manages our voice acting branch “HiBiKi”, as well as our internet radio station operating under the same brand: “響 -HiBiKi Radio Station-”.

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Voice Actresses


  • Izumi Kitta

    Izumi Kitta

  • Suzuko Mimori

    Suzuko Mimori

  • Mikoi Sasaki

    Mikoi Sasaki

  • Aimi


  • Ayasa Ito

    Ayasa Ito

  • Rimi Nishimoto

    Rimi Nishimoto

  • Aina Aiba

    Aina Aiba

  • Risa Tsumugi

    Risa Tsumugi

  • Hikaru Tono

    Hikaru Tono

  • Amane Shindou

    Amane Shindou

  • Yuka Nishio

    Yuka Nishio

  • Wakana Minami

    Wakana Minami

Voice Actors


  • Syuta Morishima

    Syuta Morishima

  • Seiji Maeda

    Seiji Maeda

  • Takumi Mano

    Takumi Mano

  • Daisuke Hyuga

    Daisuke Hyuga

  • Masahiro Ito

    Masahiro Ito

HiBiKi StYle

  • HiBiKi StYle

    A YouTube channel produced and operated by the voice acting office HiBiKi.

HiBiKi Radio Station

  • Our internet radio platform, delivering a variety of content from popular IPs relating to anime, games, and voice actors.

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